The treasures of the seas come ashore
We are inspired by the peaceful seas

The sea is calm; listening to the air. The treasures of the sea await to land. Chef Osman Sezener and OD Urla team create brand new stories with the products of salt water. The narrator of these stories is MA Urla.

MA Urla is preparing to present you timeless prescriptions, this time with what the seas bring. It sets out with a style that has yet to be seen in these lands. Aegean Sea products take on a taste you have never tasted before with the chef's modern interpretations.

We are ready to explore salt waters

Time flows differently in the sea; the day begins at night, the sun rises almost when things are over. Maybe that's why saltwater is always full of unexpected stories.

The Aegean Sea has dozens of flavors with all the features of this geography. The traditional seafood recipes of the near villages are the ones perhaps something many of us haven't even heard of yet. MA Urla is committed to reinterpreting this treasure and presenting the simplest flavors in unexpected ways.

Enjoy the sophisticated experience

MA Urla is located at the OD Urla olive grove land. Unlike the OD experience you are used to, it serves far fewer visitors at the same time. Just think of the moments when you listen to the sounds of the sea and the waves alone: ​​The more you focus on the salty waters, the better they will express themselves. MA aims to give you this sophisticated experience with its details.

We embark on the deepest and most timeless of the journeys

Our geography offers a lot from the sea. MA is ready to bring you together with the freshest and most delicious of what sea offers.


Recipes represents time. Seafood is flavored by different techniques from the past to the present. We use all these techniques in our menu to give you a whole new perspective.


From Asian cuisine to the Mediterranean Riviera… MA puts its priority to the sea. Different presentations of different cultures are on our menu in unexpected ways.

Join us to experience the story of deep waters by wondering, watching and tasting
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